Quarantine Cooking Lessons with Local Chefs

3-Week Video Series - GoUnite's social distancing approved series

As you enter another week of “stay at home” have you gone through all your normal dinner recipes? Are you starring at a pantry of items with helpless wonder on how anyone could make something edible out of what you are seeing? 

GoUnite is here to help! We have partnered with three local chefs that have the answer to your query. They will open their pantries and show you how anyone can take what appears to be a random leftover of items that fell out the back of the grocery truck and turn it into a delicious stay at home dinner. Once a week receive a new video from a new chef that will give you a cooking class using typical pantry items that most people have at home. 

This video series includes a $10 gift card to all 3 restaurants! If you purchase the series for 2 people you also receive an additional $10 Thirsty Street Gift card, so you can also pair your dinner with beer delivered to your door! *option now available to purchase only the video series without the gift cards*

This is a 3-week series where you receive the first video upon sign-up, then receive a video on the next 2 Wednesdays. An ingredients list will be sent out before the video as well.

What's included:

1.) Purchase 1 ticket and receive the video series and a $10 gift card to all 3 restaurants (Sassy Biscuit, Stacked & Local Kitchen)! That's $30 in gift cards + the videos!

2.) Purchase 2 tickets and receive the video series and $20 gift cards to all 3 restaurants (Sassy Biscuit, Stacked & Local Kitchen) and an additional $10 gift card to Thirsty Street! That's $70 in gift cards + the videos! 

*option now available to purchase only the video series without the giftcards*

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