Downtown Scavenger Hunt

Do at any time! 

Get out and enjoy Downtown Billings with a Scavenger Hunt! Solve puzzles, riddles and clues in a hunt to the destination while also stopping into multiple locations for a progressive meal (an appetizer at one stop, main meal at another and dessert at the final destination, along with 3 stops for drinks along the way! Take an afternoon or evening, put on your walking shoes and go explore our great downtown!

Downtown Scavenger Hunt available to purchase with & without the voucher/coupon booklet which has the free meals, drinks and retail coupons to 12 different stops along the way! Over $60 worth of free items in voucher booklet & many retail discounts. 

Masks are encouraged and please keep a 6' distance when possible, as community safety is a top priority.

How it Works:

• Order the kit and receive it in the mail in the next couple days (will be available to ship June 30th)

• Sit down with your household and/or friends and solve all the puzzles and riddles to determine the downtown stops

• Plan out the order you want to visit them in (they can be visited in any order. The vouchers/coupons list the hours of operations of each location to help you plan out your stops)

• Head downtown and walk the stops! Take your time and enjoy drinks, food & shopping with the voucher/coupon book

• After visiting all locations and writing down all the numbers you are hunting for, it gives you coordinates to the final location

• Great way to explore downtown, walk through a new store, restaurant or distillery you haven't been to before and support local!

Scavenger Hunt Kit Includes:

•Booklet full of puzzles, riddles and clues that take you to 14 different locations downtown

• A voucher/coupon booklet with over $60 worth of free and discounted items (including a free appetizer, main meal, dessert, 3 drinks and retail coupons!)

*You can purchase 1 Scavenger Hunt Kit, and add on as many Voucher/Coupon Booklets as you would like, preferably one per adult participating in the hunt*

Booklet is $28 and each voucher/coupon book is $25. Coupon book includes a voucher for a free appetizer, main meal, dessert & 3 drinks at different locations and also many retail coupons.

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