Christmas At Lilac

december 8th, 9th & 15th 


Begin your Christmas festivities with an intimate evening dining at the one of a kind local gem that is Lilac.

We've partnered with Chef George to pair three delicious courses with three delicious beers for an evening sure to please. Your ticket includes a 3-course beer pairing dinner and a wonderful night to celebrate the season.

3 Nights to choose from: Sunday, December 8th @ 4pm-6:30pm • Monday, December 9th @ 6pm-8:30pm • Sunday, December 15th @ 5pm-7:30pm

-Event Tickets are $45/person

Have kids? Kids get a private night out at Wise Wonders Children’s museum during the event, complete with a kid-friendly dinner and top-of-the-line daycare staff.

Childcare is available on December 8th and 9th. NO Childcare on December 15th. 

Ticket Info

  • Ticket Includes: 3 course dinner and beer pairing.
  • Bring the kids to Wise Wonders Children's Museum's NEW location! Kids cost includes a private night at Wise Wonders, dinner, water/juice, snacks and childcare during the event.

Kids Tickets: 1 kid = $25 • 2 kids = $23/kid • 3 kids = $20/kid • 4 kids = $17/kid • 5 kids = $16/kid • 6 kids = $15/kid

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Have kids? Bring them to Wise Wonders for an activity-packed play date where they enjoy fun crafts, games, and a kid-friendly dinner.

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