Backyard Olympic Games

August 5TH  » 6pm - 8:30pm  » MONTANA AUDUBON

Join us for the 2019 Backyard Olympic Games! Compete in challenges in teams of 4 people, including classic backyard games such as Croquet and Badminton and also old fashioned Canoe Races. We are also including a unique game you may not have heard of! Create your own teams or we can pair you up with other fun people! As always, childcare will be provided by Big Sky Imaginarium, this time on site at the Montana Audubon Center.

Ticket Info

  • Individual event tickets includes a private night at the Montana Audubon, a spot in the games, backyard BBQ style dinner, 2 drink tickets per person for beer/wine and of course a great time with a fun group of people! $45/person
  • Non-alcohol tickets available for $39/person
  • Bring the kids with you to this event! Kids cost includes dinner, water/juice, snacks and childcare during the event.

Kids Tickets: 1 kid = $25 • 2 kids = $23/kid • 3 kids = $20/kid • 4 kids = 17/kid • 5 kids = $16/kid • 6 kids = 15/kid

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