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Welcome to "Love, Lies, and Pizza Pies" – an extraordinary evening of mystery and flavor at M.A.D Pizza with GoUnite! Immerse yourself in a night filled with love, intrigue, and mouthwatering pizza. As you step into the venue, you'll be transported to a world where secrets linger in the air and every slice of pizza holds a clue. Savor the taste of M.A.D Pizza pies while unraveling a thrilling murder mystery. The atmosphere is charged with romance and suspense, creating the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable experience.

Gather your friends or bring your significant other, and prepare for a night of twists and turns as you work together to uncover the truth behind "Love, Lies, and Pizza Pies." Join us for an evening where love and pizza collide in the most unexpected and delightful ways!

"Ten years ago, Hanna and Harry Heart were enviable high school sweethearts in the lovely town of Amorville. And today, they're still the perfect couple. So it's time for this incredible pair to host their annual Valentine's Day soiree at the Mio Amore Cafe. All of their old friends from high school will gather to catch up with what has been happening with each other. However, something's amiss this year. Dreadful scandals have plagued most people on the Hearts' guest list since the last time they gathered for V-Day. As a result, many have developed severe contempt for each other. Hanna and Harry hope everyone can put their differences aside so they can host the bash without a sliver of chaos or a flake of misfortune! You received your invitation in the mail. Even though your foes have sent in their RSVPs, you plan to attend the party. This is where your story begins."

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  • Tickets include: pizza buffet, two drink tickets, and murder mystery play

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